Just like people, animals also have personalities, mood swings and bad hair days.

Tail to Tail is a project by Catarina Rosa, who uses her paintbrushes to immortalize animals while teaching them good Victorian manners.

The artist dresses animals to reveal their human side, just as she transforms humans into animals, to better capture their expressions and character. A smug dog, someone proud like a lion, a fun ostrich or an immature pig, all belong to her day-to-day. Amid the splendor and the exuberance, the fragile frontier between people and animals is extenuated.

And so, the first “tail” was born

Catarina Rosa was born in Lisbon, Portugal. After completing the Course in Painting and Sculpture and studying drawing at the National Society of Fine Arts (Sociedade Nacional de Belas Artes), she obtained a degree in Graphic Design at the Institute of Visual Arts, Design and Marketing (IADE). Passing through various agencies and design ateliers, delayed her work on the canvas, until when, by playful chance she returned to painting, portraying the loyal relationship between a friend and his four-legged companion.


“This dog was more than an ordinary animal, more than any person, deserved to be portrayed as a King and remembered in a frame.”


And so, the first “tail” was born. After this came more requests, and from tail to tail, these many stories brought her to the creation of her project, Tail to Tail, and to full-time dedication to painting and portraiture, either realistic or anthropomorphic.

Do you have a story to tell?

I portray animals as people, as well as people as animals and often times confuse them in this game.

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